Let Us Maintain Your Company’s


Perception is reality. To potential customers out on the road the condition of your fleet vehicles are a direct reflection of the quality of your product/service.

Why Sacrifice Productivity?

The average time lost for an employee to run their fleet vehicle through the local car wash including travel time is 42 minutes. Boost the efficiency of your workforce and leave the cleaning to us- after hours.


More Cost-Effective Than You Realize

As business owners, we know it’s all about the bottom line. Aside from saving on fuel and time, we offer the most competitive pricing on weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly fleet maintenance.

Vehicle Longevity

With the Attaboy Team maintaining them, your fleet is sure to see more miles while remaining in excellent condition.

Whether it’s a fleet of a small city, a large company, or buses of a private school…

We’re confident that Attaboy Fleet Maintenance has something beneficial to offer. Request a free estimate below and we’ll be happy to send someone out to show you.

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