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1.) Keep your cleaning equipment organized! Don’t throw your dirty microfiber cloths/towels on the gritty, greasy, dirty garage floor. Abrasive debris (which is near impossible find and remove all of) will become embedded in your towels and will subsequently scratch your clear coat the next time you’re using them to apply or remove product. Designate a dirty laundry bin.

2.)Again, with the laundry. YOUR MOTHER WAS RIGHT! Separate your darks from your lights. Trying to clean windows with a towel that you used last week for wax removal, is about the same as using maple syrup as body wash- it does not give the intended result (unless of course you’re into that sort of thing). How I keep things separated, is by color-coding. When I buy a pack of microfibers, they come in a package split up into 3 colors- red, white, and blue (so patriotic….. I know). White for glass, red for wax,and blue for interior. Find what works for you.

3.)Keep your chemicals in the right containers! There is nothing more terrifying then wondering what may happen when you open the lid to your product bin and all the loose chemicals at bottom (which have now mixed) are exposed to oxygen. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I do know that crazier things have happened. 
Every time I have to deal with this scenario, my mind concocts an impending “Backdraft”-like explosion.