Tips for Detailing Auto Glass


Cleaning your windows is one of the most tedious tasks you will face, but can definitely make a big difference in the quality of your detail. In addition to being a hazard, the effect of dirty glass can quickly ruin the appearance of your perfectly polished and waxed automobile. After you have completed all other detailing tasks, put the perfect touch on your car by detailing your car’s glass.

Just as in the selection of car shampoo and car wax, no two car enthusiasts can agree on the ultimate auto glass cleaner for their car. Some people like ammonia cleaners, while the purists will use nothing but clear water. Most detailers struggle on a day to day basis with this process. Different cars require a different approach. No matter what products you use, the process is the same- clean, dry, and polish.

A few things to watch out for:
1.) Glass cleaners that have ammonia in them such as Windex, can be damaging to window tint. Be sure to check the label for “window tint safe.”
2.) Always start with a clean, dry towel. If not, you’ll end up fighting smudges and becoming frustrated quickly.
3.)Some products work better with waffle weave towels, while others work better with micro fiber. For example- RainX is popular among most of our detailing technicians, however they find it works best with micro fiber towels. Other technicians choose to use clean water and waffle weave towels, and swear by it!

Find what works for you and go with it. Also, as we stated before, different autos sometimes call for different approaches, depending on the age of the car or windows and the residue you’re trying to remove.